Siavash Gholami

Siavash Gholami is completing his master’s degree in political science at the University of Toronto. He completed his bachelor’s in psychology and philosophy at York University.

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Could a Coup d’état Lead to Revolution in Iran?

If the Iranian Army acts against the Islamic Regime, they will need Western support and a unifying figure.

An Iranian Restoration?

Israel’s sabotage is brilliant, but it is missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. To successfully terminate Iranian terrorism, its monarchical opposition must be supported.

Canada Should Fight for Justice for Victims of Flight PS752
Canada Should Fight for Justice for Victims of Flight PS752

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down Flight PS752 only a little more than two years ago, killing all the passengers and staff. There were 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada on the flight.

Russia’s Long History of Obstructing Iranian Progress toward Freedom - Iran Russia
Russia’s Long History of Obstructing Iranian Progress toward Freedom

A look at the history of Iran-Russia relations demonstrates the same pattern of Russian regimes exploiting Iranian resources. Most evidently, tsarist Russia obstructed the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1906–07, and the Soviet Union attempted to create a satellite state in the Azerbaijan province of Iran.

Ceaseless Violation of Women’s Rights in Iran: Pepper Sprayed Outside Soccer Stadium
Iran Demonstrates Ceaseless Violation of Women’s Rights by Pepper-Spraying Them outside Soccer Stadium

On March 29 right outside Imam Reza Stadium, the Islamic regime pepper-sprayed women who bought game tickets to watch the World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Lebanon. Such stirringly poignant treatment of women in Iran is not unprecedented.

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