Cold War

John Foster Dulles, God & America

Dulles had a vision of American foreign policy that was animated by a strong sense of righteousness over tyranny and over injustice and unrighteous.

Engaging the Evil Empire

I would encourage anyone to take the real lessons from Reagan and use carrot and stick with an eye to competition, and also to remember, I think this was something that Reagan understood and I think that this is not untrue today, that the United States has to a certain degree time on its side.

Which Question Comes First for the Church - Reinhold Niebuhr - Atomic Bombs - Soviet Alliance
Which Question Comes First for the Church?

“Which Question Comes First for the Church?” by Reinhold NiebuhrNovember 12, 1945 In both the religious and the secular world…

Contrasts at Christmas
Contrasts at Christmas

Christmas alone is perfectly congruous, for Christmas brings to the surface those imperishable values for which men in all this struggle of power are really groping. It focuses men’s thoughts, at least for the moment, upon the secret of ultimate power.

Churchill: Walking with Destiny

British historian Andrews Roberts discusses his magnificent new biography of Winston Churchill, including his political incorrectness by contemporary standards, his…

The “Good Old Days”: Comparing 1968 and 2020

Our world is broken and bending toward chaos, as it was in 1968, as it has been since the Fall, as it will be until Christ returns to make all things new.

Memorial Day & General Kroesen

General Frederick Kroesen, veteran of three wars and survivor of an assassination attempt, died last week, age 97.  Six years…

Bret Baier’s Cold War Ballad

There are many alive today too young to recall the majestic, providential events that unfolded 1981–91 when the Soviet Bloc…

The Five Books on Russia You Should Read
The Five Books on Russia You Should Read

Russia has historically been a challenging topic for scholars. Geographically, most of Russia lies in continental Asia, but culturally most…