Christian Realism and Reemergence of Islamic Extremist Terrorism

While the West is distracted by China and Russia, Islamic terrorism continues to metastasize around the world

Nigeria’s Christian Repression Continues 

Violence in Nigeria against Christians by groups like Boko Haram is continuing unabated

J. Peter Pham Christianity & National Security 2023

J. Peter Pham’s lecture at Christianity & National Security 2023. J. Peter Pham discusses the demographic, economic, and spiritual growth…

Change on Human Rights Must Come to Nigeria After Election

Recently, Nigerians went to the polls to elect a new president. Voters faced violent attacks from thugs and even terrorists in addition to…

New Report Shows Religious Dynamics in Nigeria’s Ongoing Violence

Despite the refusal of the Biden Administration to acknowledge the religious nature of the conflict in Northern Nigeria, it is certainly there.

Anti-Christian Persecution on the Rise

Despite the increasing prominence of the international religious freedom movement, violence against believers is getting worse in many regions of the world, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

Major U.S. and British Government-sponsored Summits Defend Global Religious Freedom

Two recently held major international conferences brought together thousands of religious freedom advocates and government officials to cooperate in taking concrete action to end religious persecution.  

After a Slaughter in Nigeria, a Dust Up over Terms
After a Slaughter in Nigeria, a Dust Up over Terms

The mass murder of praying congregants in a Nigerian church was horrific enough. But even worse was the daft conclusion of Irish President Michael Higgins that it was another grim consequence of climate change.

Fulani Pastor Martyred on Good Friday Near Jos, Nigeria
Fulani Pastor Martyred on Good Friday Near Jos, Nigeria

On Easter weekend Christians the world over prayed; some went to church. In Nigeria’s Plateau State, a Fulani pastor was martyred.