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ProvCast Ep. 14: The Future of US-Saudi Arabia Relations
ProvCast Ep. 14: The Future of American and Saudi Relations

In the latest episode of Providence’s Foreign Policy ProvCast, Drew Griffin speaks with Faysal Itani about Saudi Arabia, Jamal Khashoggi, and Syria.

ProvCast Ep. 13: America’s Role on the Global Stage

Joshua Walker of the Eurasia Group sits down with Providence’s managing editor Drew Griffin to discuss Japan, China and North Korea, as well as the precarious state of US relations with Turkey.

Kleptocracy and America - Foreign Policy Podcast - Ted Moorman
ProvCast Ep. 12: Kleptocracy and America

What is “kleptocracy,” and what role does the United States play in it? Is the US a kleptocracy? How do anonymous shell companies contribute? In this episode that we recorded late last summer, Ted Moorman answers these questions and more.

An Introduction to Kleptocracy (Extended) - Ted Moorman
An Introduction to Kleptocracy (Extended)

In this extended version of our regular, public Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ted Moorman speaks in more detail about kleptocracy and America’s role in perpetuating foreign corruption.

Im-ProvCast Episode 1: Lessons from the Vietnam War (Bing West)
Im-ProvCast Ep. 1: Lessons from the Vietnam War

Bing West speaks about his writing, the civil-military divide in America, the Tet Offensive, and the Burns-Novick The Vietnam War series on PBS.

Lessons from the Vietnam War (Extended)

Marc LiVecche speaks with Bing West about the Vietnam War, civil-military relations, and much else in this extended version of the public podcast that is available only to Providence subscribers.

Russian Speakers In Latvia (Extended)

This first episode of our subscriber-only podcast is an extended conversation with Matt Gobush, who spoke with us last year about his trip to and research on Latvia, and specifically Russian speakers there. In our normal podcast, the Foreign Policy ProvCast, we released part of this conversation, but in this version we’re giving you a deeper dive.

ProvCast Episode 11: Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East?
ProvCast Episode 11: Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East?

Will Christianity survive in the Middle East? Dr. Kent R. Hill, Executive Director of the Religious Freedom Institute and former President of the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), discusses this vital and timely question with Providence Magazine’s Depute Editor Mark Melton.

ProvCast Ep. 10: Russian-Speaking Latvians and NATO
ProvCast Ep. 10: Russian-Speaking Latvians and NATO

Matt Gobush talks about Latvia, Russia, and NATO while focusing on Russian-speaking residents in Latvia and explaining why Americans should be concerned about this issue.