ProvCast Ep. 15: Heroism in the Great War

& Marc LiVecche | November 8, 2018

October marked the centennial of the start of the Meuse-Argonne campaign, the last great battle of World War I. Last month, Providence Executive Editor Marc LiVecche toured the battlefields of the Argonne with Col. Doug Mastriano, US Army (Ret.). They followed the movements of Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Alvin York, whose extraordinary valor on October 8, 1918, helped turn the tide of the battle, and thereby the war. They discuss the battle and wider campaign, York’s transition from pacifist to combat hero, and Doug’s work researching and building the Sgt. York Commemorative Trail in France.

Doug also wrote an article in our Summer 2017 issue of the print edition about Sgt. York, “Serving God or Caesar: Sergeant York and the Morality of War,” which you can read here.

This episode was produced by Kirkland An.

Doug Mastriano is a retired colonel from the US Army.

Marc LiVecche is executive editor of Providence.

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