ProvCast Episode 11: Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East?

& Mark Melton | March 6, 2018

ProvCast Episode 11: Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East?

Will Christianity survive in the Middle East? Dr. Kent R. Hill, Executive Director of the Religious Freedom Institute and former President of the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), discusses this question with Providence Magazine’s Deputy Editor Mark Melton. Kent Hill shares about the threats facing Christians in the Middle East and explains why it is so important to preserve the presence of Christians in the region.

This discussion was based on an article published in Providence magazine’s Winter 2017 issue of the print edition. This in turn was an abridged, edited, and slightly updated version of Kent Hill’s Diane Knippers Memorial Lecture delivered at the Army-Navy Club in Washington, D.C.. on October 4, 2016, in honor of the memory of IRD’s late president. Read the complete online edition of Kent Hill’s article here: “Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East? A Christian Perspective

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Kent R. Hill is the executive director of the Religious Freedom Institute.

Mark Melton is the Deputy Editor for Providence. He earned his Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews and focuses on Europe.

Photo Credit: Abandoned Coptic church in Suez, Egypt. By Nathaniel Page, via Flickr.