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Singapore’s Fears about US-China Relations, and Three Wishes

Last month Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong offered three recommendations for the US government to enhance its relationships in Asia in the context of US-China tensions.

The World Finally Sees Xi’s China as It Is
The World Finally Sees Xi’s China as It Is

After years of wishful thinking, America and its allies in the Indo-Pacific are returning, finally, to what President Franklin Roosevelt called “armed defense of democratic existence.” Given Beijing’s actions both at home and abroad, one wonders what took them so long.

President Obama Should Stay Focused Human Rights Laos
President Obama Should Stay Focused on Human Rights in Laos

Obama should address human rights challenges in his private meetings with Laotian government officials. More specifically, Obama should reiterate U.S. government calls for an investigation into the enforced disappearance of decorated Laotian rural community leader, Sombath Somphone.