Judas' betrayal of Jesus shows that Divine love is willing to give human beings despite the risks, because love must be free
The Holy Week Reader—Wednesday: Volo Ut Sis

Christ’s treatment of Judas, despite his betrayal, illustrates the Divine Love that was willing to bring human beings into being despite the risks. Because that’s what love does.

Eric Patterson Christianity & National Security 2023

Eric Patterson’s lecture at Christianity & National Security 2023.

Eric Patterson discusses the just war tradition, the Augustine nature of Christian realism, and international order. The following is a transcript of the event.

“Proportionality” and Israel’s Plight

The difference between immoral revenge and lawful retribution is in the principle of proportionality

HR 1009: Subordinating Military Power to Politics

We can be grateful for Congressman McNerney reminding us that force serves politics and not the other way around.

The Danger of Revolutionary Idealism: the Violence of Collectivism

The Rise of Violent, Revolutionary Ideology in the 20th Century and its Christian Realist Tonic.

Neville Chamberlain declaring peace in his time: September 30, 1938
The Folly of Wishful Thinking Idealism: the Indwelling Sin of All Men

Wishful Thinking Idealism, unlike Christian Realism, believes that everyone, even competition, is fundamentally reasonable.

Why Russia Might Help Stop the Collapse of Western Liberalism
Why Russia Might Slow the Collapse of Western Liberalism

The Russian invasion of Ukraine helped the West remember that it is fortified by a shared love of peace.

Is It Time to Preach Optimism? - Hope Pessimism
Is It Time to Preach Optimism?

Recognizing the place for a genuine religious hope born of faith and for an enthusiasm for realization of social and ethical gains in any historical situation, Christianity will nevertheless, when true to itself, set its face against utopianism or popular brands of optimism.

Joseph Capizzi Christianity & National Security Conference 2022

Joseph Capizzi discusses just war theory’s relationship to politics and morality. The following is a transcript of the lecture. Um,…