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Review of Sohrab Ahmari’s Tyranny, Inc.

Ahmari’s book is a welcome contribution to the public debate on the limits of free market enterprise.

Economists as the High Priests of Liberalism

We have to be far, far more critical of which measurements we can take as proxies for a healthy nation. Economists can’t make these distinctions and libertarians don’t want to.

Still the American Century
Still the American Century

America remains the world leader. This fact is naïve to reject and realistic to accept. It is the American Century still.

Power Failure
Sanders, Warren, and the Failure of Power

The brutal truth of international politics is simple: if you do not possess power you cannot get anything done.

What Ever Happened to the Left-Right Divide on Foreign Trade?
What Ever Happened to the Left-Right Divide on Foreign Trade?

They agreed. At least on the single issue of foreign trade, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agreed the United States must retreat from free trade agreements. In the midst of the most polarized presidential election in living memory, both major party candidates converged on the need to reconsider American-led globalization and take a more protectionist stand in foreign markets.

The Future of American Civil Religion
The Future of American Civil Religion

We ought to denounce the alignment of America with God’s salvific work even while appreciating the many blessings that America and its ideals have brought to us and the world.

Brazil Impeachment Dilma Rousseff
What Americans Need to Understand about Brazil’s Crisis

It took Brazil a painful 13 years and a practically bankrupt country to see the truth behind the socialists’ beautiful and impossible promises.

Spanish Civil War Survivor

Del Berg, age 100, died last week, reputedly the last of several thousand Americans who fought in the 1930s Spanish…