Change on Human Rights Must Come to Nigeria After Election

Recently, Nigerians went to the polls to elect a new president. Voters faced violent attacks from thugs and even terrorists in addition to…

“Hate Speech” and Blasphemy

Why is New York State passing a blasphemy law reminiscent of Iranian theocracy?

Indonesia’s New Criminal Code Leads to Conflict with U.S.

The new criminal code of Indonesia has been criticized by journalists and the State Department for its banning of illicit sex, blasphemy, and partial news.

Salman Rushdie and the Future of Blasphemy

The decades-long campaign of violence against those accused of insulting Islam seems to be succeeding

Anti-Christian Persecution on the Rise

Despite the increasing prominence of the international religious freedom movement, violence against believers is getting worse in many regions of the world, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

Government’s Two-Edged Sword

The Christian challenge is to identify a role for good government to restrain evil alongside other God-given institutions while at the same time establishing robust means to check the evil of government.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Promote Mob Murder Against Christians
Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Promote Mob Murder against Christians

The Biden administration must follow in USCIRF’s steps and lead in the global campaign to repeal blasphemy laws, as it aims to prioritize human rights at the core of its foreign policy.

Pakistan Double Standard on Blasphemy Laws
Pakistan’s Double Standard on Blasphemy Laws

In April, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan denounced the West, particularly France, and called for a coalition of Muslim countries to use economic power to force the West to pass blasphemy laws protecting Muslim sentiments.

Blasphemy Returns as a Political Weapon in Indonesia
Blasphemy Returns as a Political Weapon in Indonesia

A seemingly small incident in Indonesia is the first shot in the use of religion, specifically accusations of blasphemy, as a political weapon against President Jokowi in the ongoing presidential race.