Daniel Ortega

Bipartisan Senate Resolution Calls for Stronger Response to Worsening Religious Freedom Conditions Worldwide

Even as partisan divides are increasingly intractable, the promotion of international religious freedom remains one bright spot

Nicaragua recrudece persecución religiosa

Marzo de 2023 será recordado como el mes en que la guerra del régimen de Nicaragua contra la Iglesia Católica…

Nicaragua Doubles Down on Religious Persecution 

As international pressure mounts, Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s dictator, is doubling down on oppression.

El Papa Francisco y la iglesia perseguida en Nicaragua

La Iglesia Católica en Nicaragua está bajo asalto y la libertad religiosa no está garantizada. Pese a esto, los líderes de la Iglesia han tardado en reaccionar.

Pope Francis and the Persecuted Church in Nicaragua

The Catholic Church is under assault in Nicaragua. Yet despite the state of Catholicism in the Central American nation, church leaders have been slow to react. 

2020 Forecast: What Could Happen in Latin America and the Caribbean?
2020 Forecast: What Could Happen in Latin America and the Caribbean?

As the new year commences, there are several developments taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean that will likely make international headlines in 2020. In this commentary, we will briefly discuss some issues to keep in mind.

The US and Latin America’s “Troika of Tyranny”
The US and Latin America’s “Troika of Tyranny”

National Security Advisor John Bolton labeled the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela as Latin America’s “Troika of Tyranny.” Does this signal a drastic change in US foreign policy toward Latin America? Or can we expect more of the same?

Church Nicaragua Crisis
The Church and Nicaragua’s Crisis

While Nicaragua’s government has resorted to repressive tactics like organizing paramilitary forces to fight protesters, the church is one of the remaining institutions that still enjoys popular support and legitimacy.