Israel 70th Birthday

Israel at 70: Independence and the Eleventh Commandment
Israel at 70: Independence and the Eleventh Commandment

David Ben-Gurion, who declared the establishment of the State of Israel 70 years ago this week, once mused that “God left one commandment out of the Bible. Perhaps the Almighty delivered this commandment to Moses, but Moses forgot to bring it down from the mountain. That commandment is No. 11: ‘Be strong.'”

Where is the Love: Do Reformed Christians Really Love Israel?

Reflecting on Israel at its seventieth anniversary, I wonder why Reformed Christians, or Calvinists as they are sometimes called, are more reluctant and timid about their views on Israel. 

What Should Christians Think about Israel's 70th Birthday?
What Should Christians Think about Israel’s Seventieth Birthday?

Few would have estimated 70 years ago, let alone one thousand, that this week would arrive. On Monday, May 14, Israel celebrated the seventieth anniversary of becoming a nation. In light of this remarkable and unlikely reality, Christians are faced with the task of celebrating and interpreting this event against the backdrop of the last 70 years.

David Becomes Goliath: Interpreting 70 Years of Israeli Independence
The Shepherd Becomes the King: Interpreting 70 Years of Israeli Independence

Israel’s founding was at once a victory for justice, a triumph for freedom, and a crushing blow to antisemitism. It was a story of David against Goliath. But 70 years later, things are different. Israel isn’t David anymore.

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