John Wesley

Conscience and Commerce: Thoughts from John Wesley

“Gain all you can”; “Save all you can”; “Give all you can.” This was John Wesley’s maxim for gaining and spending money.

Edmund Burke: Anglican Theologian

Burke is a defender of the institutions of Christian civilization. Understanding this liberates us from the need to defend failing institutions simply because those institutions happen to exist.

Symbols and Shadows of the Political Order

The Empress of Austria-Hungary and the Spiritual Significance of Authority

To Renew a People: A Wesleyan Political Theology
To Renew a People: A Wesleyan Political Theology

John Wesley’s basic Augustinianism created a nonconformist populism that was intent on renewing the people. While Wesleyanism did not always live up to its core commitments, the heart of its political theology resides in a fusion of Wesleyan Augustinianism with nonconformist populism.

Day 10: The Mother of All Meaning

To get any insight at all into what Jesus’ childhood and upbringing were like, you have to do something that sometimes makes Protestants uncomfortable: study Mary.

Trump’s UN Realism and Christian Benevolence

Many Christian elites will not like Donald Trump’s United Nations speech this week, whose key phrase was “we reject the ideology of globalism and accept the doctrine of patriotism.”