Middle Eastern Christians

Trump Should Use Egypt Bombings as Occasion for New Policy on Protecting Middle Eastern Minorities
Trump Should Use Egypt Bombings as Occasion for New Policy Protecting Middle Eastern Minorities

Despite repeated assurances from President Sisi to protect the country’s large Coptic minority, his government appears unwilling or unable to actually deliver on his promises.

Hudson Institute Providence Event Syria Crisis American Interests Moral Considerations
The Syrian Crisis: American Interests and Moral Considerations

Today the Hudson Institute and Providence co-hosted a panel discussion focused on the ongoing crisis in Syria and how America’s interests and moral considerations interact.

Persecuted Prioritized Middle East Refugee Christian Yazidi Religious Persecution
We Must Prioritize the Persecuted

Prioritizing the most persecuted in refugee admissions is not only the right thing to do. It’s something we already do. Religious minorities, particularly Yezidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria, deserve the same priority status that is currently accorded to other groups facing unique dangers, including religious minorities in Iran and elsewhere, and Iraqis who assisted U.S. forces.

Book Review Mindy Belz They Say We Are Infidels A People of No Strategic Importance: Middle East Christians & the Disregard of the Foreign Policy Elite
A People of No Strategic Importance

No one who reads They Say We Are Infidels by World Magazine editor Mindy Belz should ever doubt Christians are victims of ISIS genocide.