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Robert Nicholson is a co-founder and contributing editor at Providence, and the founder and president emeritus of The Philos Project. A formerly enlisted Marine and a 2012-13 Tikvah Fellow, he holds a BA in Hebrew Studies from Binghamton University, and a JD and MA (Middle Eastern History) from Syracuse University.

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Gerald McDermott Rewrites the History of Everything

Gerald McDermott’s latest book, “A New History of Redemption: The Work of Jesus the Messiah through the Millennia” is an ambitious effort to reorient the Christian view of world history

Countering Iranian Aggression in Jordan & Beyond

How should America respond to the January 28th attacks on American forces in Jordan by Iranian proxies?

Be Hopeful as Near East Peace Comes Closer
Be Hopeful as Near East Peace Comes Closer

That Jesus Christ’s two advents are set against the backdrop of a region rarely associated with good news is ironic, but this year that irony is less obvious. Good things are happening in the Near East if you know where to look.

Jesus and Hamas in the Holy Land
Jesus and Hamas in the Holy Land

That these pundits denounced a small democratic country for employing targeted air strikes to defend its citizens… was bad enough. That they did so while pretending to be neutral—and even, God forbid, Christ-like—was appalling.

Robert Nicholson on Hamas Rockets and Israel

Philos Project Robert Nicholson explains the current crisis between Hamas and Israel.

Christians, Washington Is Only a Waystation
Christians and Politics: Back to the Basics

Washington is a waystation; Jerusalem is the destination. Only the King of Israel will decide when his kingdom will come. Until then we must live righteously, we must preach his kingdom, we must seek the peace of the city—but we must wait.

Ep. 57 | Aftermath of the Azerbaijan – Artsakh War (Robert Nicholson) Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia
Ep. 57 | Aftermath of the Azerbaijan – Artsakh War

Starting on September 27, the war between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) resumed, and fighting ceased on November 10 with Artsakh losing most of the territory it had controlled. Here Mark Melton and Robert Nicholson discuss the war and its aftermath.

Joe Biden Peacemaker Israel Palestine
Joe Biden, Peacemaker?

Joe Biden is eager to roll back Trump-era policies, but he’d be wise to continue championing the Arab-Israeli peace movement that swept the region in 2020. If he plays his cards right, he could add new Arab states to the list and maybe even get Palestinians to the party as well.

The Era of Arab-Israeli Cooperation Begins

The declaration of peace between the United Arab Emirates and Israel marks the dawn of a new day.

Rob Nicholson on Christian Mideast Engagement

Mark Tooley interviews Providence co-founder Robert Nicholson, chief of the Philos Project, which helps American Christians address Mideast issues thoughtfully,…