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Islamism: Contextualist or Essentialist? Or Both?
Islamism: Contextualist or Essentialist? Or Both?

In an excellent review of Shadi Hamid and Will McCants’ Rethinking Political Islam, Olivier Roy says there are generally two ways to think about Islamism: contextualist or essentialist.

Defeating Jihad Book Cover Sebastian Gorka Book Review
Muhammad en marche? Review of Gorka’s Defeating Jihad

Largely absent from the mainstream media’s barrage against Sebastian Gorka is genuine scholarly discussion of his high-grossing Defeating Jihad.

What You Should Know About Qatar
What You Should Know About Qatar

A crisis in the Middle East has erupted between numerous nations and the small state of Qatar. Here is what you should know about Qatar, the world’s richest country.

Egypt Cathedral Bombing Copt Christian Terrorism
A Rough Stretch in a Season of Waiting: Egypt’s Christians & the Cathedral Bombing

It took me a moment to comprehend. I opened my cell phone to check the news and saw the bold headline: 25 dead and 49 injured in an attack on the Coptic Orthodox cathedral. The spiritual center of Egyptian Christianity had been mercilessly violated.

Islamic Exceptionalism
For Better or For Worse?

Hamid’s Islamic Exceptionalism argues that Islam is far different from other religions in how it relates to governance, law, and the modern nation-state.

Egypt and the Agony of Ongoing Tragedy

After EgyptAir flight 804 fell out of the sky, I exhaled deeply with many Egyptians, sighing in familiar resignation, “Oh no, not again.”

Supporting Sisi: Coptic Advice on US Aid

In the evolving determination of American interests, is Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi a repackaged pharaoh, or a miracle of God’s favor?