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Populism in France’s Presidential Election - Marine Le Pen
Populism in France’s Presidential Election

What are we to make of France’s presidential election? More than anything, it points to the power of anti-systemic populism in French politics, whether on the Left or Right.

Marion Le Pen, Catholics, Protestants, Conservatives, CPAC
Marion Le Pen, Catholics, Protestants & Conservatives

French National Party politico Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 28 year old granddaughter of party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, spoke at the annual conservative jamboree CPAC. Marion Le Pen is beautiful and compelling, but wariness is in order.

Emmanuel Macron and France’s Role in the World
Emmanuel Macron and France’s Role in the World

After defeating Marine Le Pen in a historic landslide victory, Emmanuel Macron must learn what it means to be president as quickly as possible, for the good of both France and the world.

What You Should Know About the French Presidential Election
What You Should Know About the French Presidential Election

The recent French presidential election has been viewed as a bellwether of European politics, as the usual race between the center-left and center-right has been replaced with a contest between a decades-old populist nationalist group and an newly created independent movement of progressive globalism. Here is what you should know about the election to choose France’s next president.

Upheaval in French Politics

On November 27, François Fillon won an open primary to be France’s Republican Party presidential candidate. His victory surprised commentators, partly because his economic proposals run contrary to the grain of French politics.

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