Political Theory

On Earth as it is in Heaven?

Contemporary debates over ‘Christian nationalism’ have surprising roots in 17th century debates over republicanism versus monarchism.

The Anarchism of Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s ideology reveals startling similarities with anarchists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Review of Stephen Wolfe’s A Case for Christian Nationalism

Though Wolfe’s arguments are complex and wide ranging, they frequently fail to hold up under scrutiny

Resuscitating Old Fashioned Social Liberalism 

For the last several years liberalism has seemed at risk of being added to the endangered ideologies list, perhaps soon…

Edmund Burke: Anglican Theologian

Burke is a defender of the institutions of Christian civilization. Understanding this liberates us from the need to defend failing institutions simply because those institutions happen to exist.

The Unhappy Narcissism of Missionary Modernity: A Review of Jocelyn Cesari’s We God’s People
The Unhappy Narcissism of Missionary Modernity: A Review of Jocelyn Cesari’s We God’s People

Jocelyn Cesari’s latest—”We God’s People: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in the World of Nations”—will take readers’ full attention. She does not suffer fools, either in style or substance, but those who come with a bit of background and an honest and sincere interest are not likely to find many her match.

Democratic Peace Theory and the Attack on Democracy

That Russia’s invasion should have come as a surprise attack largely derives from the idealistic excess of the democratic peace theory.

Reinhold Niebuhr and the First Image

Reinhold Niebuhr differs from twenty-first-century foreign policy realists in that he viewed an accurate and explicit portrait of human nature as the crucial starting point for any theory of international relations.

America’s Moral Failure to Vaccinate Poor Countries Earlier? COVAX COVID-19
America’s Moral Failure to Vaccinate Poorer Countries Earlier?

Some idealists may blame the selfishness of wealthy governments and their citizens for COVAX’s failure, but the organizers should have considered mankind’s selfish nature when designing the program.