The City on a Hill: Toward a National Conservative Foreign Policy

A national conservative foreign policy welcomes institutions for international cooperation, so long as they remain voluntary pacts between the participating nations, and do not morph into efforts at establishing supranational governance.

Eight Principles for Christian Realism
Eight Principles for Christian Realism

Followers of Christian realism generally share these eight assumptions, which can be found in the works of Reinhold Niebuhr, John C. Bennett, Jean Bethke Elshtain, and others.

The Armenian Genocide and America’s Rise to Global Power: Book Review of Charlie Laderman Sharing the Burden
The Armenian Genocide and America’s Global Role: A Review of Laderman’s Sharing the Burden

Charlie Laderman’s “Sharing the Burden” provides a thoroughly researched and highly compelling account of how the Armenian question acted as a catalyst for an emerging American-British geopolitical alliance and the United States’ rise as a predominant actor in the international arena.