A Match Made in… Pyongyang? 

Putin’s visit to North Korea marks a significant escalation of Cold War 2.0

Never Pay the Ransom

Lessons from the British Poet Rudyard Kipling warn of appeasement to aggressors, drawing on the lessons of history

Recommitting Ourselves to the Freedom of Captive Nations

In 1959, Congress designated the third week of July as Captive Nations Week for those suffering under Communism and authoritarianism around the world

Leaving America’s Back Door Open

The Biden administration’s policy in Latin America has empowered anti-American regimes and endangered national interests.

Acknowledging Russian Security Threats While Avoiding Russophobia

For the sake of someday having positive relations with Russia post-Putin, we must avoid Russophobia even as we support Ukraine

“The Time Has Come”: Moving From Ukrainian Survival to Sovereignty

The time has come to allow Ukraine to defend herself properly. Half-measures, which up until now have characterized Western strategy, are not enough.

Reorient the Intelligence Community Towards Nuclear Competition & Hybrid Warfare

To adapt to the new threats facing America, the Intelligence Community should reorient towards nuclear competition & hybrid warfare

Liberal Ideology is Not Enough to Save the West 

Conservatism as a way of life, not liberalism as an ideology, is necessary for preserving Western civilization

How Can Ukraine Negotiate if Putin Denies Ukraine’s Existence? 

Without achieving a substantive victory against Russia, Ukraine knows it will cease to exist as a country