State of the Union

Reaffirming the Four Freedoms - Ukraine Russia Franklin D Roosevelt
Reaffirming the Four Freedoms

President Roosevelt first enunciated the Four Freedoms in an evening session with his speechwriters. He made them the peroration of his message to Congress and wove them into the Atlantic Charter and the United Nations Charter. They have constituted the basis of American foreign policy ever since. Now is the time to reaffirm them.

What Does Trump’s State of the Union Mean for Foreign Policy?
What Does Trump’s State of the Union Mean for Foreign Policy?

Promising that America will never apologize for advancing its national interest, Trump used national security arguments more for his domestic goals than international agenda.

Donald Trump 2019 State of the Union Inspired
Trump’s State of the Union Address Inspired

In his State of the Union Address, Donald Trump promoted a vision of American leadership for the twenty-first century.

First Casualty of the Second Korean War?
First Casualty of the Second Korean War?

Perhaps the most intriguing—and certainly the most disquieting—section of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was his 475-word overview of the monstrous North Korean regime.

Word Choice: “Freedom” Absent from First Presidential Debate, Part of Troubling Trend

Amidst the post-debate spinning, little has been discussed about what Trump and Clinton didn’t say. “Freedom” was nowhere to be found in the debate transcript.

Umbrella Revolution Sign for Defending Democracy
Wearied by Democracy

There are consequences to a foreign policy that is less committed to promoting democracy and less interested in buttressing an international system built on democratic ideals. It stands to reason that when the world’s strongest exponent of democracy and freedom pulls back, the democratic tide will lose momentum.

President Obama Incoherent Foreign Policy State of the Union
State of the Incoherent Foreign Policy

Ian Bremmer’s Superpower provides a different perspective to Obama’s description of his incoherent foreign policy in his final State of the Union Address.