How Can the US Help Taiwan in the Western Hemisphere?
How Can the US Help Taiwan in the Western Hemisphere?

While the US continues to support Taiwan, it has been unable to prevent some governments from establishing relations with China. Many of the nations that maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan are located in Latin America and the Caribbean, two regions where the US has plenty of allies and partners. So as we discuss Taipei’s future in the Western Hemisphere, we must discuss what Washington can (realistically) do to help its ally.

Taiwan’s Practical Pluralism

This week, as the US State Department hosted its second annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, it was good to…

The Enduring Legacy of US-Japan Alliance

The US-Japan alliance has been the cornerstone of regional stability enabling Washington’s forward-deployed presence and deterrence strategy.

Loser America?

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“Dragon Lady” & “Mother of the Nation”

Anna Chennault and Winnie Mandela, two formidable women who represented some of the last century’s great international conflicts, have died.

Evangelicals Global Christian Zionism Israel
Evangelicals and Global Christian Zionism

Important to Israel’s improved global standing is the ongoing global growth of pro-Israel Evangelicals, numbering in the hundreds of millions, whose influence could affect foreign policy in dozens of nations in the Global South.