Teddy Roosevelt

Protestant Rectitude & Secretary Tillerson

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Protestant rectitude informs his sense of America’s dutiful vocation in the world premised on: “Liberty, equality, and human dignity.”

In the Interest of Humanity Humanitarian Intervention Syrian Civil War
In the Interest of Humanity

Determining when and where to serve “the interest of humanity” is not a science. In a broken world, American policymakers must seek the counsel of the heart and the head, aim for the achievable, and choose the least-bad option.

A Fearful Thing: Lessons from Great War
A Fearful Thing: Great War Lessons on Treaties and Deterrence

Here, in the middle of the centennial anniversary period of World War I, we still find ourselves in the shadows of the Great War—and still have much to learn from it.

Word Choice: “Freedom” Absent from First Presidential Debate, Part of Troubling Trend

Amidst the post-debate spinning, little has been discussed about what Trump and Clinton didn’t say. “Freedom” was nowhere to be found in the debate transcript.