Women in Combat

Powers of the Air: Poison Gas, Demons and Childhood Mass Hysteria in War-Zones

Rumors of gas-poisoned Iranian schoolgirls have far stranger parallels in conflict-zones elsewhere.

Of Course, We Will Not Draft Our Daughters
Of Course We Will Not Draft Our Daughters

Feminist-minded advocates have sought for decades to include women in a would-be draft in the name of progress and equity. Senate Democrats pushed and compliant Republicans acquiesced to an amendment in the defense bill that would require women to register with the Selective Service.

women direct ground combat
Deploying Women to Direct Ground Combat

Sending women into direct ground combat is tearing down a load-bearing wall. This particular wall is vital to the military mission, to realism about sex differences, and to protecting life.

Southern Baptists, Gender Ideology, & Female Combatants
Southern Baptists, Gender Ideology, & Female Combatants

Opposition to today’s gender wars cannot be met simply by tradition or chivalry, but from Scripture.

On Equality and Justice: Don’t Fall for Valkyrie and Amazon Myths

Myths are powerful things. Tales of female warriors exist in cultures around the world, often serving as unifying national symbols. Until the present day, however, women warriors have remained isolated figures. We are now in the midst of an unprecedented change in the role of women in our armed forces, a change some view as long overdue.

Why Not Draft Women
Why Not Draft Women?

Men and women are not the same, and treating them as if they were will not make them so.