Brian K. Miller

Brian K. Miller is the director of legal and public affairs at the Center for Individual Rights. His writings have appeared in Forbes, Quillette Magazine, The Public Discourse, The University Bookman, and elsewhere. He was named to Forbes 30 under 30 for his work in law and policy in 2018.

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True North, Ep .6 | Conversation Van Drunen Politics after Christendom
True North, Ep. 6 | A Conversation on VanDrunen’s Politics after Christendom

In this episode of True North, Daniel Strand speaks with Jennifer Patterson and Brian K. Miller about Van Drunen’s Politics…

Waiting for a Better Reformed Defense of Liberalism: A Review of Drunen’s Politics after Christendom
Waiting for a Better Reformed Defense of Liberalism: A Review of Van Drunen’s Politics after Christendom

Van Drunen’s Politics after Christendom doesn’t convincingly defend liberalism from a biblical perspective. Readers wanting a compelling Reformed defense of ordered liberty will have to keep waiting.

To Be a Christian in America
To Be a Christian in America

Is it possible for a Christian to love his or her country too much? Is America itself even deserving of a Christian’s loyalty? If Christians have anything to offer the civil kingdom, how should they go about it?

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