Drew Griffin

Drew Griffin is the Managing Editor for Providence. Drew holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas and a MDiv in Biblical and Theological Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a veteran of over a dozen political campaigns and is a featured writer and speaker on the intersection of faith and culture. For three years he served as director of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary extension center in NYC and was a professor of Theology at the New York School of the Bible.

Christian Missions: Divine Calling or Cause for Concern?
Christian Missions: Divine Calling or Cause for Concern?

The impact of American missionaries on American foreign policy is three-fold: it can be applied outward to other nations, inward to our own, and upward into the official foreign relations apparatus.

Ep. 42: The National Conservative Divide — A Conversation with David French

Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with David French of the National Review to discuss his debate with Sohrab Ahmari,…

The Burden of Leadership
The Burden of Leadership

A common myth in antiquity is that of Sisyphus. He makes an appearance in classic works by Homer, Ovid, and…

What Does Christianity Have to Say About Injustice?

“God ordained the state to uphold order and protect the innocent.”     In part three of our series, Editors…

The Fault in Our Stars: Tyson, Trump, and the Search for Human Worth

America’s collective consciousness has been assaulted of late by the rapid-fire reports of mass shootings across the country. What was…

The Rise of China in Latin America — A ProvCast Conversation with Eric Farnsworth

Managing editor Drew Griffin sits down with Eric Farnsworth, VP of Council of the Americas, to discuss the growing influence/threat of Chinese involvement in Latin America.