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Ep. 44: Chaos for the Kurds Amidst US Withdrawal

Managing Editor Drew Griffin interviews Faysal Itani of the Atlantic Council on the US withdrawal from Syria, the identity of…

ProvCast Ep. 38: Remember Syria? The Crisis That Simply Will Not Go Away
Faysal Itani of The Atlantic Council and Managing Editor Drew Griffin go beneath the headlines and discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria and the prospects for Middle East Stability.
ProvCast Ep. 18: The US, Syria, and the Future of Assad

Providence Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with Faysal Itani, Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council to discuss the US withdrawal from Syria, the future of Syria, and the next steps for the Assad Regime.  

ProvCast Ep. 14: The Future of US-Saudi Arabia Relations
ProvCast Ep. 14: The Future of American and Saudi Relations

In the latest episode of Providence’s Foreign Policy ProvCast, Drew Griffin speaks with Faysal Itani about Saudi Arabia, Jamal Khashoggi, and Syria.