Mariam Wahba

Mariam Wahba is a Coptic Christian and the associate director of advocacy at The Philo’s Project. She was previously a policy intern at In Defense of Christians and a Hertog fellow. All views and opinions are her own.

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Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ep. 75 | A Conversation with the “Daughters of Diaspora”

In this episode, Mariam Wahba and Adela Cojab talk about their new show “American-ish: Daughters of Diaspora”, which covers the topics of faith, culture, religion, and more.

The Return of Old Middle Eastern Empires
The Return of Old Middle Eastern Empires

What is emerging is a return of three ancient regional power centers, would-be Persian and Turkish hegemons wishing to once more dominate in the domain of their past empires. In the middle is an Arab and Jewish coalition, anxious not to fall prey to their old masters.

Poor Leadership Fails Palestinians, Again - COVID-19 Vaccines
Poor Leadership Fails Palestinians, Again

The Palestinian Authority has rejected desperately needed COVID-19 vaccines from Israel, and Palestinians deserve better from their leaders.

Iraq Must Dismantle the Popular Mobilization Forces

Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq now pose a threat greater than the services they once provided.

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