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The Impeachment of American Evangelicalism

There is a sharp public conversation brewing over evangelical attitudes on impeachment. Christianity Today editorialized that Christians should support removing…

American Christian Witness and Turkey’s Hostage

Are American evangelicals right to support US sanctions against Turkey to release American missionary Andrew Brunson?

Is the Nation-State Fading?
Is the Nation-State Fading?

The current nationalist fervor could actually be a sign of nation-states’ weakness, a gasp that belies a lack of confidence in it as a form of government that can adequately represent a people and govern them fairly.

US Should Retain Right to Nuclear Testing
U.S. Should Retain Right to Nuclear Testing

The United States must pursue policies that ensure the U.S. nuclear deterrent is safe, reliable, and credible. Reserving the right to resume nuclear testing is one such means to maintain such a credible deterrent.