Are Turkey’s Elections Legitimate?

It is very likely that no matter who Turkey votes for, the votes will be recorded as Erdogan’s regime desires

The Mixed Blessing of Brazilian President, Lula, in the Middle East

Brazil’s leftist president, Lula, spells better news for Israel.

Turkey: the Dissident Prison

With the 2023 presidential elections looming, the Turkish government is escalating its aggression against dissident journalists, human rights defenders, and Kurdish political activists in the country.

The EU and the Misguided Reaction to Nationalist Movements

Nationalism is on the rise worldwide with nationalist-oriented leaders taking the helm in some of the largest countries.  Some call them “authoritarians,” others “populists.” 

Ukraine Inaugurates First Jewish President
Ukraine Inaugurates First Jewish President

Zelensky should keep to the premises of his inaugural address of continuing Europeanization, driving reinvigorated reforms, and defending Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.

Brazil’s Tumultuous Presidential Election: Why Do Brazilian Evangelicals Support Jair Bolsonaro
Brazil’s Tumultuous Presidential Election: Why Do Brazilian Evangelicals Support Jair Bolsonaro?

Brazilians head to the polls this Sunday to elect their next president, and the frontrunner is Jair Bolsonaro. He has been variously described as a far-right, uncouth, law-and-order populist, and he appears to hold views that can charitably be described as anti-democratic.

Pakistan’s New Prime Minister Could Change the Relationship with the US

Imran Khan is the new prime minister of Pakistan and his plans for change could affect the US, China, and the region.

America’s Imperfect Ally: Turkey Election is an Opportune Time to Engage
America’s Imperfect Ally: Turkey’s Election is an Opportune Time to Engage

Despite tensions between Ankara and Washington, saving Turkey as an ally is worth it.

Obama Africa
America and Africa after Obama

The next American president should shape the United States’ Africa policy in response to three questions: How can America help constrain Islamicist violence in the African Sahel? What can America do to help counter state collapse in the roughly 34% of Africa where there is no effective state control? How can American foreign policy best encourage economic growth in the rising parts of Africa (taking into account China’s growing presence in Africa)?