First World War (WWI)

Lausanne and the Future of Syriac Christians in Turkey

In Defense of Christians’ Richard Ghazal speaks on Syriac Christians in Turkey

The Fatal Logic of Encirclement

The strategic anxiety of encirclement has driven great-power policy for centuries; Russia and China represent the modern version of this classic security dilemma.

America’s Eagle Bears Two Talons: John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy understood the need to counter America’s enemies without precipitating WWIII.

A Tale of Two Culture Wars

The idea of a culture war is not new.

“Silent Night, Silent Guns”: a Review of Tim Demy’s book on the Christmas Truce of 1914

The Christmas truce provides hope that there is a peace beyond the ugliness of warfare and sorrow.

The Battle Call of American Protestantism

WASPs tended to identify themselves as uniquely positioned guardians of the nation’s heritage. As their cultural influence had begun waning by World War I, their spokesmen resorted with greater ferocity to a crusading mindset to bolster their influence.

Blessed are the Peacemakers
Blessed are the Peacemakers

The Catholic tradition reminds us that just war thinking is critical to peacemaking.

How “Strategic Ambiguity” Led to the Great War
How “Strategic Ambiguity” Led to the Great War

What we can gain from the origins of the Great War is that strategic ambiguity played a role in bringing on that cataclysm.

Biden and the Surrender of Victory in Afghanistan
Biden and the Surrender of Victory in Afghanistan

What would President Roosevelt say of President Joe Biden and his Democratic administration abandoning the Afghan people? Perhaps Biden, and many in the West, have turned away from winning because they have lost a sense that victory, even an unsatisfying partial victory, is politically and morally viable.