Star Wars, Tolkien, and Religion: Belief Matters

Tolkien and Lucas have tales of myth, but they have been so popular because their themes resonate so clearly with real life.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes: A Teachable Moment for the Next Generation

With the lines between good and evil portrayed as ever blurrier, distinguishing heroes, villains, and anti-heroes is critical

Heroism and Collectivism: Ukraine and Russia’s Diverging Strategies of Warfare

if the flooding of the frontlines by unprepared new recruits results in exorbitant Russian casualties, the true effect may be to make Russia’s armed forces look weaker than ever.

Moral Courage and the Grim Necessity of Sacrifice 

American audiences are still hungry for cinematic portrayals of the old virtues: patriotism, heroism, courage, and self-sacrifice

The Power of Real Heroism - Volodymyr Zelensky - Ukraine
The Power of Real Heroism

In an age when the word hero is conflated with and attached to movie stars and athletes and people who risk nothing of consequence, it’s bracing to watch—even from afar—true heroes and true heroism in action.

september 11 terror
Lest We Be Reminded Again: Six Things to Never Forget about 9/11

Seventeen years ago, terrorists weaponized passenger planes and launched an unjustified attack against the United States. That day reminded Christians of things we must never forget.

My Lai Thompson
Horror & Heroism in 1968: 50 Years After My Lai

My Lai is rightly associated with disgrace, abhorrence, and sorrow. But because of the actions of a few brave men who stood against their own, My Lai ought also to be associated with courage, decency, and love.

Savior Generals
Victory From Defeat: On Savior Generals & Firemen

Victor Davis Hanson’s The Savior Generals:How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost – From Ancient Greece To Iraq