The Road to Deterring Iran Goes Through Iraq

The United States cannot militarily extricate itself from Iraq without massively benefitting Iran

Why the Hamas-ISIS Comparison is Appropriate 

While there are notable differences, ISIS and Hamas are more similar than they are different

The Moral Clarity of Christian Hostages in their Homeland

Christians in the Middle East have much to fear from speaking out about violence against Israel

The Barbarians of October 

American Christians must understand that morally equivocating on the Hamas-Israel conflict is not a virtue

Iraq, Afghanistan, and America – 20 Years Later

The systemic problems in nations like Iraq and Afghanistan offer lessons to Americans about our own nation

Electronic Warfare

Videogames today increasingly seek to enlist a new generation of keyboard warriors and toy soldiers.

Azerbaijan Is Torturing and Beheading Armenians 

Tolerating the crimes by Azerbaijan is no different from tolerating crimes of ISIS. Signing deals with Azerbaijan is akin to signing deals with ISIS.

Biden Strives for Balance on Foreign Policy
Biden Striving for Balance on Foreign Policy

As President-elect Joe Biden pivots to the all-important work of governing, those of us who teach and write about foreign policy are pivoting to the less-important work of forecasting how a Biden administration might steer the ship of state.

Secular Myopia Warps the West’s View of Nigeria
Secular Myopia Warps the West’s View of Nigeria

Failure to recognize the religious dimensions in the present conflicts of Nigeria’s Middle Belt divorces us from the complex realities of concrete human life.