Israel-Hamas War

Washington is Misreading Early Chapters of Cold War II

Viewed broadly, the war against Hamas is just one theater of Cold War II

Missteps Could Derail the Destruction of Hamas

Israel could be on the cusp of a lasting victory, but only if it maintains disciplined fighting

Two Jesuits and Israel: Robert Drinan and Daniel Berrigan

Daniel Berrigan, SJ, and Robert Drinan, SJ, were two of the most prominent American Jesuits ever, but on Israel they vociferously disagreed

The U.S. is Losing in Lebanon

America needs to face the reality that Lebanon and Hezbollah are inextricably entangled

The Weakness is the Point in American Foreign Policy

The Biden administration’s weakness abroad is part of a targeted appeal to its progressive base at home

Lebanon’s Sectarian Dynamics and the Israel-Hezbollah War

Lebanon is wrapped up in a complex web of religious and sectarian alliances and rivalries

Why the Hamas-ISIS Comparison is Appropriate 

While there are notable differences, ISIS and Hamas are more similar than they are different

The Biden Administration’s Cascading Crises

With every foreign policy failure, America falls further into a negative feedback loop

Constitutional Crisis in the Holy Land

Israel’s democracy is threatened from without by Hamas and within by its lack of a constitution.