Pope John Paul II

Recovering and Renewing a Catholic Approach to IR

“In the Courts of Three Popes” by Mary Ann Glendon is an essential work for the recovery and renewal of a coherently Catholic IR theory

Pope Francis Contradicts Catholic Catechism on Just War

Pope Francis’s comments urging Ukrainian surrender are morally wrong and inconsistent with Catholic teaching

Chastened Patriotism

Patriotism is part of our repertoire of civic ideals and identities, as Jean Bethke Elshtain reminded us. While its excesses and perversions are to be lamented, Patriotism rightly perceived yields a concern for the moral tenor of one’s culture.

How the Church Can Counsel Us During the Next Pandemic

As Promisel and Russell have argued, the Catholic Church’s teaching on solidarity should serve as a signpost for the US to navigate the next pandemic

The New Whiggery

Whiggery isn’t an ideology or a political agenda. It’s a centuries old sensibility that counsels mutual respect, patience and optimism for persons and communities.

Jocelyne Khoueiry: A Life for Lebanon
Jocelyne Khoueiry: A Life for Lebanon

Jocelyne Khoueiry (1955–2020), who died on July 31, was a resistance fighter in the Lebanese Civil War but later created charitable organizations.

Should Human Rights Be on the Table in Korea Talks?
To Meet or Not to Meet? North Korean Interests, Ideals, and Summits

If Trump can somehow cajole or charm Kim into beginning a process that would allow the North Korean people to be treated like people, that would be a win for humanity.