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Is Putin Right To Call The West ‘Satanic’? 

For Orthodox Archpriest Alexander Novopashin, “Satanism” is really a synonym for entropy, or “the Evil that dissolves societies like a hydra with its many tentacles”.

Major U.S. and British Government-sponsored Summits Defend Global Religious Freedom

Two recently held major international conferences brought together thousands of religious freedom advocates and government officials to cooperate in taking concrete action to end religious persecution.  

Marksism: Memorial Day, Czech Anti-Hatred, Russian Orthodoxy & Just War

Providence editors Mark Tooley and Marc LiVecche discuss Abigail Lindner and Eric Patterson’s article on G.K. Chesterton and war memorials, Lubomir Ondrasek’s piece on Czech leader Vaclav Havel’s warning against hatred, and Lee Trepanier’s counsel for how Russian Orthodoxy, lacking the Just War tradition, can oppose injustice with church teaching on personhood.

Russia’s Invasion Violates Personhood, Not Just War Theory
Russia’s Invasion Violates Personhood, Not Just War Theory

While Orthodox Christianity lacks the historical tradition of just war theory to criticize war, it does have a theological resource it could draw upon to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: personhood.

Orthodox Geopolitics and American National Security - Russia - Ukraine - Church -War
Orthodox Geopolitics and American National Security

As the world turns its attention to Ukraine, the important but often neglected issue of Orthodox Christian geopolitics has received renewed interest from Western media.

America’s Empire of Nations - Ukraine - Russia
America’s Empire of Nations

Russia’s unwarranted aggression toward Ukraine has not only shattered the peace of Europe and unleashed a torrent of economic and physical destruction, but it has also thrown into stark relief the moral chasm between Russia and its rivals. As Putin dismembers Ukraine, he shows the importance and value of America’s empire of nations.

Moscow’s Obsessive Ethnophyletism and Expansionism Destroying Orthodox Church Unity
Moscow’s Expansionism Is Destroying Orthodox Church Unity

It is past time for Orthodox leaders to consider how to address and prevent future rogue actions by Russia that aim to “overthrow the Church’s canonical order.”

Religion in World Politics

If we are to take a constructive part in world politics our leaders cannot assume that religious questions are unimportant.

Why Eastern European Conservatism Is Different
Why Eastern European Conservatism Is Different

The basic distinction between American conservatism and Eastern European conservatism lies in different attitudes toward freedom.