The World Finally Sees Xi’s China as It Is
The World Finally Sees Xi’s China as It Is

After years of wishful thinking, America and its allies in the Indo-Pacific are returning, finally, to what President Franklin Roosevelt called “armed defense of democratic existence.” Given Beijing’s actions both at home and abroad, one wonders what took them so long.

The US Navy’s Role in the Defense of International Sovereignty

The National Security Strategy says China’s economic and military actions risk diminishing the sovereignty of many states in the Indo-Pacific. The US Navy has a role in defending these states’ rights.

Christian Influence on US Foreign Policy

Formal religious adherence is declining, but America’s longtime religious self-identity as a lodestar of democratic responsibility in the world continues unabashed.

Do Power Transitions Always Lead to War? Book Review of Kori Schake’s Safe Passage - They Can't Fight - US UK Special Relationship
Do Power Transitions Always Lead to War? Review of Schake’s Safe Passage

In Safe Passage, Kori Schake details how transitions in geopolitical power lead to violence, except when the United States slowly and peacefully took over the hegemonic role Great Britain played.

Foreign Aid: A Confluence of Interests and Ideals
Foreign Aid: A Confluence of Interests and Ideals

Helping nations in need often serves America’s most important interests while burnishing America’s highest ideals.

British and American Approaches to the Peace

Providence continues to look back at how American Christians thought through the challenges of World War II 75 years ago. In this article that Christianity & Crisis originally published on May 17, 1943, Henry P. Van Dusen proclaims that the postwar peace would rely on international consensus.

Evangelicals Global Christian Zionism Israel
Evangelicals and Global Christian Zionism

Important to Israel’s improved global standing is the ongoing global growth of pro-Israel Evangelicals, numbering in the hundreds of millions, whose influence could affect foreign policy in dozens of nations in the Global South.

The Western Man's Arrogance: Including the Former Colonies
The Western Man’s Arrogance: Including the Former Colonies

This thought-provoking article, originally published in Christianity and Crisis on November 30th, 1942, suggests that a better post-war world is one that includes the colonies of the Western powers (the nations that were colonies at the time of this piece’s writing). Editor Miner Searle Bates chides the Allied powers for excluding nations such as China and India in their post-war planning and argues that they deserve a seat at the table.

Flickering Forlorn Hope: The Battle of Bataan
Flickering Forlorn Hope: The Battle of Bataan

Shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack, a joint American and Filipino army desperately defended the Philippines against a Japanese invasion while fighting on both the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island. Despite dim prospects for outside help, the garrison seriously delayed the Japanese timetable for conquest in the Pacific.