Václav Havel

The Irony of Czechoslovakia's History: Twenty-Five Years After the Velvet Divorce
The Irony of Czechoslovakia’s History: Twenty-Five Years After the Velvet Divorce

Slovak and Czech politicians tell us that the mutual relationship has never been better, and there is no incongruity between their words and public opinion. This is part of the irony of Czechoslovakia’s history.

Twenty-seven Years after the Velvet Revolution: The Enduring Problem of a Contaminated Moral Environment
Twenty-seven Years after the Velvet Revolution

It is now clear that four decades of totalitarian oppression has impacted post-communist European countries even more adversely than originally thought.

Václav Havel Plea to America Help Russia on Road to Democracy
Václav Havel’s Plea to America: “Help Russia on Road to Democracy”

As we approach the 80th anniversary of the birth of Václav Havel on October 5, we reflect on the legacy of the man who needs no introduction.

Central Eastern Europe Needs Engaged United States
Central and Eastern Europe Needs an Engaged United States

Many American officials have concluded that issues in Central and Eastern Europe have been fixed once and for all and that they can “check the box” and move on to other more pressing strategic issues. Relations have been so close that many on both sides assume that the region’s transatlantic orientation, as well as its stability and prosperity, would last forever. That view is premature.