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Douglas Mastriano

Colonel (COL) Douglas Mastriano, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, began his career in the 1980s, serving along the Iron Curtain with the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment. Since then, he has served at tactical, operational, and strategic levels of command ranging from the 3rd Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne), to the Pentagon and in NATO. COL Mastriano has a Masters in Military Operational Art and Science, Masters in Strategic Intelligence, Masters in Airpower Theory, a Masters in Strategic Studies, Bachelors in History, and a PhD in History from the University of New Brunswick. Doug’s book, Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne, is an award-winning biography on America’s greatest First World War hero. Doug led the expedition to locate where Alvin York fought in 1918 and earned the Medal of Honor. American and French authorities endorsed Doug’s efforts, which led to the construction of a five-kilometer historic trail, replete with monuments and historic markers in the Argonne Forest, France, for visitors to walk where Sergeant York fought. His website has details and maps. COL Mastriano teaches strategy at the U.S. Army War College.

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An American Army Chaplain leads worship from a Renault tank during the Meuse Argonne Campaign in October 1918
Fear Not the Darkness: WWI and the Centennial of America’s Greatest Battle

The First World War was a clash that forever changed the world. The heroes of 1918 answered the call 100 years ago. Will we likewise do our part in fighting the good fight and fear not the darkness? 

ProvCast Ep. 15: Heroism in the Great War

Last month, Providence Executive Editor Marc LiVecche toured the battlefields of the Argonne with Col. Doug Mastriano, US Army (Ret.). They followed the movements of Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Alvin York, whose extraordinary valor on October 8, 1918, helped turn the tide of the battle, and thereby the war. They discuss the battle and wider campaign, York’s transition from pacifist to combat hero, and Doug’s work researching and building the Sgt. York Commemorative Trail in France.

The End of NATO? Don’t Forget the Lessons of Two World Wars
The End of NATO? Don’t Forget the Lessons of Two World Wars

Turning our backs on NATO will result in an uncertain future wrought with war and conflict that will cost America far more in the end.

Ungrateful Allies: The United States and NATO
Ungrateful Allies: The United States and NATO

Yes, the NATO allies must do their part. President Trump is right to demand they do more to provide for their own defense. At the same time, NATO provides a mechanism to prevent the bloodshed and oppression so prevalent in European history.

Doug Mastriano Christianity & National Security 2018

Doug Mastriano (author and recently retired US Army colonel) lectured at Providence’s Christianity and National Security Conference on Nov. 3,…

Serving God or Caesar: Sergeant Alvin York and the Morality of War
Serving God or Caesar: Sergeant York and the Morality of War

Surrounded by the reality of war and death during WWI in France, Sergeant Alvin York finally made up his mind about Christianity and the morality of war.

The Baltics: NATO’s Soft Underbelly?
The Baltics: NATO’s Soft Underbelly?

With the consequential economic depression, the heavy influence of Russian propaganda, the presence of former Soviet officials receiving a monthly check from Moscow, and being far from Riga in so many ways, Daugavpils appears to be NATO’s “soft” underbelly.