Paul Coyer

Paul Coyer serves as a Research Professor at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC, as well as an Associate Professor at l’Ecole Speciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, the French Army’s equivalent of West Point. He is also a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Italia-Atlantica, a foreign policy think tank based in Rome, Italy, that seeks to cultivate stronger trans-Atlantic relations in general and stronger Italian-US relations in particular. Dr. Coyer’s research interests include Russia, China, Latin America, nationalism and national identity, and the role of religion and culture in global affairs.

Dr. Coyer is a contributor to Forbes, writing on foreign and national security policy. In addition to Forbes, his writing has been published in leading publications in the United States and around the world including The Washington Times, The Imaginative Conservative, Azeri Today (Azerbaijan), and the Kyiv Post (Ukraine), as well as policy-oriented journals such as Conflits: Revue de Geopolitique (France), and by academic publishers such as National Defense University Press and Oxford University Press.

He has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Florence, Italy, and was a Scholar in Residence, living in C.S. Lewis’s home in Oxford, England. From 2007–2013 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. He has spent time on Capitol Hill, serving as a staff member for a Senate committee, and in the summer of 2016 he contributed to the foreign policy section of the Republican Party Platform. He is a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

Conversation - Rabbi Pynchas Brener - Venezuela
A Conversation with Pynchas Brener, Chief Rabbi of Venezuela

Over the past couple of weeks, Paul Coyer had a series of conversations with Rabbi Pynchas Brener about the history of the Jewish community in Venezuela, the role it has played both prior to and during the period of Chavismo, and his hopes for his nation’s future.

Venezuela: A Country in Crisis
Venezuela: A Country in Crisis

If ever there was an example of a government not performing even the most basic of ethical duties to its citizens, it is that of Venezuela under Nicolás Maduro.

Trump Foreign Policy Optimism
Reasons for Optimism: Initial Thoughts on a Trump Administration

Much of the coverage of Donald Trump’s foreign policy views have focused on areas of concern. Here are some reasons for optimism.

South China Sea
Taking on Water

One of the many areas of the globe in which the current international order is being challenged is in the Asia-Pacific, where a quickly rising, aggressive, and revisionist China is attempting to remake the regional order and to replace American leadership with its own (while working to chip away at American dominance over the global order, as well).

When did America forget that it is America?

Amid the plethora of security threats the world is facing today, North Korea, with its fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6, long-range missile test on Feb. 7 and firing of short range missiles in late March, has been doing all it can in order to ensure that it gets its share of attention.

Inside Jihad
Through an Insider’s Eyes

Inside Jihad is a must read for anyone seeking to better understand radical Islam, why the challenge is so great, and what can be done to effectively counter it.