Spring-Summer 2018

Abraham Kuyper’s Christian Advice for Foreign Policy
Abraham Kuyper’s Christian Advice for Foreign Policy

For Kuyper, governance is an opportunity to plant Christian truth in another part of the world’s soil. It is about giving others a chance to flourish.

Legitimate Authority & Just War
Legitimate Authority and Just War

Just war theorists should agree that war must be waged according to the rule of law if it is to be considered an exercise of “legitimate authority.” The American system, with its marbling of war powers between the executive and legislative branches, usually requires authorization based on the deliberative consent of the popular will expressed through the people’s representatives in Congress.

Nakba: Catastrophe and Moderation in Palestine
Nakba: Catastrophe and Moderation in Palestine

We cannot change Palestinian society, but Palestinians who embrace pluralism and peace most certainly can. Our main task is to help them.

America’s Spirituality, Europe, and “White” America

As Americans become less demographically European, will American foreign policy focus less on traditional European allies?

“A Beacon on Our Coast”: The First Freedom at Home & Abroad

Religious freedom and foreign affairs have always been inextricably linked.

This issue includes…

Nakba: Catastrophe & Moderation in Palestine
by Robert Nicholson

Zealous Zionists & Bold Boycotters
by Tom Copeland

Augustinian Liberalism: A Symposium
by Paul Miller, John Owen, Jonathan Leeman, and Andrew T. Walker

and more…

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