A Pier Built to be a Stage 

The Biden administration’s humanitarian aid pier only makes sense as a performative act, not a practical one

Season 1 Episode 6: Copts & The Suffering of the Saints

Richard Ghazal sat down with Dr. Samuel Tadros of the Hudson Institute and Mariam Wahba of The Foundation for Defense…

American Engagement in the New Middle East

A paradigm shift in the Middle Eastern geopolitical landscape has emerged driven by the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman

Counting Coptic Christians in Egypt

How Coptic Christians are (or aren’t) counted is a politically charged question in Egypt.

Egypt’s Burning Churches

It is awful enough news that Egypt’s Christians are suffering the effects of years of restrictions on building churches. Yet it is even worse news that they may, yet again, have also become the target of Islamic terrorists.

Rushdie Is Not the End 

Al-Qaeda’s Call To Assassinate Egyptian Author Ibrahim Eissa Highlights Dilemma Of Anti-Islamist Voices

Iran and al Qaeda: an Unexpected Axis

The connection between al Qaeda and Iran was hardly recognized until the discovery of documents in Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan

The Suffering of the Saints

Distinguishing between intentional persecution and national malfeasance is difficult for Egyptian Copts.

Was the Arab Spring Worth It?

Tunisia’s democratic repeal of their constitution should raise questions about the purpose and goals of the US-backed Arab Spring