To Protect Israelis, the IDF Must Enforce What the UN Won’t

If the UN cannot enforce the disarmament of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, the IDF will have to step in to make northern Israel safe

The U.S. is Losing in Lebanon

America needs to face the reality that Lebanon and Hezbollah are inextricably entangled

Lebanon’s Sectarian Dynamics and the Israel-Hezbollah War

Lebanon is wrapped up in a complex web of religious and sectarian alliances and rivalries

Season 1 Episode 5: Lebanon’s Message

Richard Ghazal sat down with Bishop Gregory Mansour of the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Saint Maron in Brooklyn, NY, and…

Salman Rushdie and the Future of Blasphemy

The decades-long campaign of violence against those accused of insulting Islam seems to be succeeding

Is the Political Influence of Iran in Iraq and Lebanon Declining?
Is the Political Influence of Iran in Iraq and Lebanon Declining?

Within the space of a few months, Iranian proxies and allies in Iraq and Lebanon suffered significant setbacks in parliamentary elections. Some commentators have ventured that the era of Tehran’s hegemony may be over. While it is hard to predict the final outcome of these electoral shifts, such hopes might be premature.

Firefight on Beirut Streets Is a Warning to US and Lebanon

Violence on the streets of Beirut on Thursday, October 14 reminded older Lebanese of their country’s tragic civil war.

Lebanon: Meet the ‘New’, Same as the Old - Najib Mikati
Lebanon: Meet the “New,” Same as the Old

The success of Prime Minister Najib Mikati in forming a government, where his predecessor-designate Saad Hariri had failed after trying for months to craft a political deal with Hezbollah, marks a clear tilt toward Damascus.

Responsibility One Year after the Beirut Port Blast
Responsibility One Year after the Beirut Port Blast

On August 4, 2020, the world watched in horror as videos from the Port of Beirut blast flooded the internet. For one year, we’ve also watched politicians evade responsibility for the illegal storage of ammonium nitrate. The reality that most people, especially the Lebanese, have come to accept is that justice is extremely unlikely.

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