Rehabilitation and Education for Former Militants is the New Battle in Syria
Rehabilitation and Education for Former Militants is the New Battle in Syria

Though Syria still struggles with violence and fighting, the Islamic State’s territorial holdings have been almost completely eradicated. But while ISIS may no longer have physical control in the country, it has left young militants and a dangerous, extremist ideology.

On Syria and the Virtues of Limited Engagement

The problem is that Americans can’t see the world for what it is, and American policymakers aren’t explaining it to them. Very few, it seems, understand the concept of limited intervention. 

US Should Work with Russia in Syria to Avoid Iran-Israel War

Russia and Iran are coordinating to prop up Assad in Syria but this could bring Iran one step closer to war with Israel.

Syria intervention air strike
Thinking through Intervention in Syria

Syria is one set-piece in a larger debate about US foreign policy after the Iraq War. Does the Middle East matter? What are the biggest threats to our future? Should America intervene to halt humanitarian disasters, or do principles of sovereignty and self-interest prevail?

Loser America?

Jesuit priest and author Thomas Reese wrote a Religion News Service column critical of the US missile strikes on Syria’s…

Syria, War of All Against All
Syria, War of All Against All

So far, the United States has failed to articulate any clear strategy in Syria. It is not even clear who our allies are anymore.

Don’t Ask Nicely: Breaking Russia’s Alliance with Syria

Russia, Syria, and Iran have successfully defied US interests in the Middle East. It will take significant and aggressive measures to separate these allies.

Sources and Solutions: Review of Van Dam’s Destroying a Nation: The Civil War in Syria

Destroying a Nation: The Civil War in Syria by Nikolaos van Dam does not give a blow-by-blow account of the war. Instead, it explains underpinning factors which shaped the course of the Syrian Civil War and offers potential solutions to the ongoing conflict.

Pat Buchanan Blames America First

Pat Buchanan derides internationalists as dreamers disregarding his supposedly sensible neo-isolationist realism but advocates a nearly Utopian perspective.