Daniel Strand

Catholic Integralism Should Not Be Dismissed

Rather than taking each other’s strongest arguments, people arguing over Catholic Integralism often defeat straw men or completely dodge arguments. This does not advance the conversation so that learning and mutual edification may occur.

Why Christian Pragmatism Isn’t Realistic Enough

Simply being good in order to do good is not enough. That is true. But simply being skilled—to have what Machiavelli calls virtú (as opposed to virtue)—in order to do good is also not enough.

The Clash of Civilizations Has Arrived
The Clash of Civilizations Has Arrived

What the coronavirus has revealed is not so much a new reality but the fault lines of an already existing clash that was bound to occur.

Five Reflections on Trump’s Soleimani Strike
Five Reflections on Trump’s Soleimani Strike

Like many, my reaction to the killing of Iran’s Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani has been an admixture of satisfaction and apprehension.

George H.W. Bush: Reflections, Prayers, and a Bipartisan Friendship
George H.W. Bush: Prayers, Reflections, and a Bipartisan Friendship

In Providence’s latest newsletter, Mark Melton reflects on George H.W. Bush, his bipartisan friendship with Bill Clinton, and lessons for a highly partisan America today.

The “Death” of the European-American Relationship

If Brooks and others who are deeply unnerved by Trump aren’t careful, their warnings of destruction and doom can actually feed the fires of doom and gloom.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Between God and Jeff Sessions: A Rightly Ordered Response

The choice is not between open borders or Birkenau. The choice which lies before us is whether or not we will make a government which reflects the divine justice for which government exists. 

Where is the Love: Do Reformed Christians Really Love Israel?

Reflecting on Israel at its seventieth anniversary, I wonder why Reformed Christians, or Calvinists as they are sometimes called, are more reluctant and timid about their views on Israel. 

national security
Day 2: The Providence Christianity & National Security Conference 2017

Video links to the presentations from the 2nd day of the Providence conference reflecting on the intersection of Christian intelligence and foreign policy