Biden’s Saudi Visit was a Win for Americans

Threatening the US-Saudi partnership over of Saudi Arabian crimes would risk more American lives, cause greater conflict, and increase injustice and human suffering.

Vladimir Putin visited the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency (2016-06-07)
Why The World is Lukewarm on Ukraine

Moscow and Beijing’s argument of “Western encroachment” has an aura of authenticity in other capitals around the world, where there is a sense that the West’s business enterprises, Hollywood culture, and radical sexual ideologies are bludgeoning their cultures.

Iran’s Strategic Partnership with China Will Lead to a Further Decline in Human Rights - Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP)
Iran’s Strategic Partnership with China Will Lead to a Further Decline in Human Rights

The “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” (CSP) signed between Iran and China will have profound domestic, regional, and international implications. The more immediate effect of the partnership will be a further decline in human rights and freedom in Iran.

Pass the BURMA Act
Pass the BURMA Act

Covering everything from sanctions and import prohibitions to humanitarian aid, the BURMA Act is one of the most comprehensive pieces of proposed legislation to address the coup.

Why Nigeria Matters
Why Nigeria Matters

Human rights advocates, when looking at Nigeria’s north and central regions, fear an accelerating disintegration of Nigeria’s society and institutions. We all should be concerned that, if current trends are not arrested, Nigeria may implode, with global economic ramifications. A new wave of Nigerian displacement and emigration would rival those associated with Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

Russian Cynicism Perpetuates the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict
Russian Cynicism Perpetuates the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Why is the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict still considered “frozen”? Simply put, the conflict’s continuation is in Russia’s interests.

What You Should Know about the US-Iran Crisis
What You Should Know about the US-Iran Crisis

Over the past month, tensions have escalated as Iran and the US move closer to military conflict. Here is what you should know about the burgeoning crisis and the reason for the increased animosity between the two nations.

Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance Should Prompt U.S. to Challenge MBS on Human Rights

The Jamal Khashoggi affair presents the perfect opportunity for the United States to press Saudi Arabia for more progress on its horrendous human rights record. 

Saudi Arabia Needs Crown Prince Salman’s Reforms, but Risks Abound
Saudi Arabia Needs Reforms, but Risks Abound

Many have praised Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s reforms and say they represent the beginning of comprehensive reform within Saudi Arabia. But the monarchy’s stability is at risk.

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