Don’t Turn Vigilantes into Heroes

Regardless of what happens to Kyle Rittenhouse in the courts, treating vigilantes like heroes sets a dangerous precedent.

A Christian View on Sovereignty

This article by Gerald Monsman from 75 years ago, originally titled “Reflections on Sovereignty,” addresses whether the United States should cooperate with other countries for the global good.

Keys to the Kingdom, Light to the World: A Review of Barbato, Joustra, and Hoover’s Modern Papal Diplomacy and Social Teaching in World Affairs

The overall intent of Modern Papal Diplomacy and Social Teaching in World Affairs is to continue the rediscovery of theology’s influence on politics with respect to the recent papacy.

Was Abraham Kuyper a Christian Realist?

Abraham Kuyper unquestionably had his failures and his blind spots. But he also labored to find balanced and faithful Christian realist positions on international affairs. We would do well to imitate those principles today.

The US Navy’s Role in the Defense of International Sovereignty

The National Security Strategy says China’s economic and military actions risk diminishing the sovereignty of many states in the Indo-Pacific. The US Navy has a role in defending these states’ rights.

Debating “National Conservatism”
Debating “National Conservatism”

I welcome the effort to give nationalism more depth because one of the more maddening features of political debate over the past few years is the difficulty in nailing down what exactly the nationalist side believes. In that spirit, I have some questions for the advocates of National Conservatism.

Christianity and National Sovereignty at the UN

This week the Big Apple is hosting the UN General Assembly, and while world leaders will discuss many challenges, we expect a theme to dominate the US representatives’ views: sovereignty. 

New Afterword in Haas’ A World in Disarray Criticizes Trump’s Foreign Policy
A New Word on a New Edition: Haass’ A World in Disarray Criticizes Trump’s First Year

In a new paperback edition of “A World in Disarray,” Richard Haass says Trump’s foreign policy has added to global disorder.

Just War & National Honor: The Case of Vietnam
Just War & National Honor: The Case of Vietnam

Just war theorizing has typically left the issue of national honor untouched, although warriors and statesmen routinely emphasize the importance of vindicating the sacrifice of the fallen. Does prolonging a war in order to assuage or vindicate national honor comport with the just war tradition?