Winston Churchill

A Faith Vocation: Skills & Opportunities for Peacemaking
A Faith Vocation: Skills and Opportunities for Peacemaking

For young American Christians aspiring to a vocation intersecting faith and public life, a career in peacemaking and statecraft can afford the opportunity to positively influence US national attitudes in this area, if such aspirations are paired with proper training and certain cardinal virtues.

A Shield for Faith: The U.S. Military and Religious Freedom
A Shield for Faith: The U.S. Military and Religious Freedom

In a world where might makes right, it is the U.S. military—not international treaties, presidential speeches, UN resolutions, protest marches, Wall Street, or Wal-Mart—that protects us from enemies who would either stamp out all faiths or force submission to one faith.

The Englishwoman Who Created Iraq?

Letters from Baghdad is an intriguing new documentary film about Gertrude Bell, the English adventurer and evidently self taught cartographer…

Germany at Our Throat or Feet Germany Role in World
Germany at Our Throat or Feet?

There are several famous sardonic quotes about Germany’s role in the world. One is Churchill’s 1943 remark after Germany surrendered in North Africa: “The Hun is always either at your throat or your feet.”

New Churchill Movie Is Flop

No historical movie is historically accurate, as movies are always mainly about entertainment not instruction. Some biopics depart from truthful…

The Small Nations and European Reconstruction
The Small Nations and European Reconstruction

In 1942, Christianity & Crisis argues the importance of preserving and incorporating smaller nation-states when reconstructing Europe after World War II.

FDR and the Liberal International Order
FDR and the Liberal International Order

Nigel Hamilton’s Commander in Chief reveals Franklin Roosevelt formulated at a very early phase a clear vision for how a liberal international order should look post-World War II.

Bearing the Burden

With the Middle East on fire, Europe on edge, Russia on the march, and China on the rise, America’s interlocking system of alliances is more important now than at any time since the beginning of the Cold War.

Churchill Bust Oval Office
Churchill’s White House Bust & Spirit of Liberty

A bust of Winston Churchill, on loan from the British government, has returned to the Oval Office after having been controversially returned to the British.