Woodrow Wilson

John Foster Dulles, God & America

Dulles had a vision of American foreign policy that was animated by a strong sense of righteousness over tyranny and over injustice and unrighteous.

Fight to Win: A Lesson from the Great War
Fight to Win: A Lesson from the Great War

It is because we desire the good of concord that we fight for a decisive end to conflict, one that secures and allows the enforcement of a durable peace.

Lessons & Leftovers of the Great War
Lessons and Leftovers of the Great War

A century after the Great War’s end, we still have much to learn from its lessons and still wrestle with its consequences and leftovers.

Flawed Historical Narratives about American Figures Color Our Pursuit of Justice

Renewed debates over history reveal the narratives that conservatives and progressives employ to justify or decry American history. One narrative insists on lionizing historical figures, the other on demonizing them—yet both distract from the ongoing pursuit of the American ideals of justice, liberty, and equality.

The Armenian Genocide and America’s Rise to Global Power: Book Review of Charlie Laderman Sharing the Burden
The Armenian Genocide and America’s Global Role: A Review of Laderman’s Sharing the Burden

Charlie Laderman’s “Sharing the Burden” provides a thoroughly researched and highly compelling account of how the Armenian question acted as a catalyst for an emerging American-British geopolitical alliance and the United States’ rise as a predominant actor in the international arena.

The Roots of US Foreign Policy Today: The Historical Origins of Present Debates
The Roots of US Foreign Policy Today: The Historical Origins of Present Debates

The fact that Americans have shifted their focus back to domestic concerns isn’t abnormal or un-American. It is the predictable resurgence of the two domestically focused schools of the American foreign policy tradition.

Abraham Kuyper Overseas Manifesto
Abraham Kuyper’s Overseas Manifesto

While much has been made of Abraham Kuyper’s Calvinistic contributions to domestic political theory, very little (in English) has been said of his foreign policy.

Christian Influence on US Foreign Policy

Formal religious adherence is declining, but America’s longtime religious self-identity as a lodestar of democratic responsibility in the world continues unabashed.

How America Fights Wars in a Unique Way: Review of Patterson’s Just American Wars
How America’s Wars Have Been (Mostly) Just: Review of Eric Patterson’s Just American Wars

Eric Patterson contends in Just American Wars that the US is unique because of how it considers ethical and moral dilemmas when it fights. Particularly, the country’s democratic institutions force any politician who wishes to engage in a war to explain to voters, civil society, and other parts of the government why the war must be fought.