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Beware Playing the Counterterrorism Game at Home
Beware Playing the Counterterrorism Game at Home

As shocking as the January 6 lawlessness was, I was surprised how quickly people who should know better switched gears and called for some version of the Global War on Terror to be fought—not on some distant desert or foreign mountain top—but inside America against American citizens.

The Capitol Hill Invasion and International Religious Freedom
The Capitol Hill Invasion and International Religious Freedom

This perception in Latin America and elsewhere is very troubling and should worry American conservative Christians who care about international religious freedom.

Christians, Washington Is Only a Waystation
Mob Violence and “Reciprocal Violence”: Then and Now

Mob violence cannot be tolerated, and when threatened should be met with overwhelming force—as a deterrent, and with proportional and discriminant force, or “reciprocal violence” if you prefer—without apology, with far less concern for “optics,” and without any concern for the ideology of the mob if deterrence fails.

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Power and Love
Martin Luther King Jr. on Power and Love

Long after his death, Martin Luther King, Jr. continues to stir our hearts with his appeal to the nobility of every human being made in the image of God.

Christians, Washington Is Only a Waystation
Christians and Politics: Back to the Basics

Washington is a waystation; Jerusalem is the destination. Only the King of Israel will decide when his kingdom will come. Until then we must live righteously, we must preach his kingdom, we must seek the peace of the city—but we must wait.

Marksism – No. 32: Discussion on Capitol Riot Articles
Marksism – No. 32: A Discussion about America after the US Capitol Riot

In this episode of Marksism, the editors review recent articles Providence published about the riot at the US Capitol on…

Amidst Our Chasms - US Capitol Riot
Amidst Our Chasms

We comfort ourselves, saying, “This is not who we are.” But without deeper reflection, such pat answers are lies, strengthening the “vulgarized knowledge” that allow us to ignore the chasms that threaten to consume us.

A Better Christian Nationalism
A Better Christian Nationalism

The term Christian Nationalism has become something of an epithet amongst enlightened evangelicals and Christians of various stripes, especially in light of the travesty at the Capitol.

After the US Capitol Riot, Who Are We?
Who Are We?

January 6, 2021, would have been Elshtain’s eightieth birthday. I can only imagine how she would have responded to the events of the day. I do not think she would have been surprised, but nor would she have despaired. Neither should we.